ACM Team Quiz

ACM Team Quiz demo display





As the name entails, this is an interactive quiz to determine which team you loosely fit based on some silly little questions. After filling out the questions, the user would be faced with the results with visual percentages about which team they might enjoy more. Additionally, if the user tapped on a particular team then they would be directed to a place where they can find more info about the team.


In the ACM club I am a part of a common struggle in the beginning was that there was some ambiguity to what we offered. A pattern I recognized was that people were not sure which “Team” to join or rather what it offered. For instance, we currently have teams called Design, Dev, Algo, and AI which are a bit vague at first glance. Overall, this project was meant to help gradually introduce new members to the club.


I think the biggest challenge that arose was definitely the overall time frame. Originally, I was going to take my time developing this silly little page but that soon changed. Someone suggested that this could potentially be finished for a club event happening in less than a week. I was a bit hesitant at first but I accepted the challenge and faced the crunch.

Some minor challenges that rose were:

Fun Fact

I came up with this idea in the morning after having a random dream about buzzfeed. Soon after I awoke from this vivid dream I created a Figma prototype in less than an hour and pitched it to my fellow board members.