Case Clicker

Case Clicker demo display


Framer Motion


I wanted to challenge myself in creating a client-side endless clicker game with the usage of Framer Motion animations.


I was learning how React works during this summer period when a thought came across my head at the time: β€œCan I make a clicker game in one month before my friends birthday?” So I went about developing this ambitious project and the overall goals I wanted to achieve in this time frame.

I came to the conclusion that I wanted:

I like to think that in the time frame I set myself for that I achieved all of these. I did have some other ideas I wanted to add but I knew for my minimum viable product (MVP) that it needed to be more digestible. Overall I am really impressed with what I created and it was a fun project to learn React the hard way.


It goes without saying that learning React was a challenge during this time but I think a particular thing that stumped me was Hooks. At a surface are built-in React tools to help manage state and all that gross stuff. I felt really accomplished when it clicked how useState and useEffect works, especially when combining these two in order to create my own custom Hook. These were some fun challenges I faced and I think the best part of this project was that it was a gift which motivates me to build more radical things for people.

Some other minor challenges I faced were:

Fun Fact

I was originally going to have a mode where the user fights Case to regain lost affection.