Discord Bot

Discord Bot demo display




I just wanted to build something my friends could play with and get annoyed by. With this bot I wanted to have unique triggers and interactions for my friends to spontaneously activate. Additionally, I wanted to take advantage of Discord.py which is the API for creating a bot on Discord using Python.


The features I managed to crack out in the span of a modest winter break were as follows:

Annoying “You’re” Correction Event

Using Regex, whenever someone typed any form of “your”, “you’re”, “you are” then the bot would immediately respond with a gif.

Spontaneous Emoji Reaction Event

There is a 1/20 chance that whenever someone sends a message in a text channel that the bot would react with 😳 or 😨.

Indecisive Choice Command

This is where the user would simply ask the bot what they should do between the inputted choices and just randomly return a respond back.

Number Roller Command

The command would accept two inputs which would either return a text prompt in the form of a DnD dice roll or just a random number roll.

More info in the GitHub repository!


This project was one which I decided to push myself in learning more than one technology. At the time of making this bot I was still unsure about which field or language I wanted to learn in computer science. Hearing about the hip and popular language Python, I remembered that I can make a discord bot with it. Along the way I learned a lot of important lessons about enviornment variables and the practicality of git.


Developing the bot was a very trial and error process, so to speak. This was the time in my career that I had no idea what were enviornment variables so I would have to manually delete my Discord API key each time I wanted to push to GitHub. At least that is when I remembered to remove my API key because half the time I would be refreshing the key because Discord detected that my sensitive key is out in the open. Thankfully I recieved some guidence and learned about enviornment variables which made the whole process easier and more secure.

Some other challenges that rose were:

Fun Fact

I created the Regex feature because my friend corrected me in my use of "your" once, so out of spite and being a computer scientist I decided to one-up him.